Prevent Damage During the Bleaching Process

Welcome to your blond tribe

We love bleached hair and all the other pretty pastel colours that are so in right now. But maintaining this look comes with a high cost – dried out, frizzy looking locks that are permanently damaged. While the bleaching process will always result in some degree of damage to your hair, there are steps you can take during the bleaching process to minimise this damage.

3 steps to minimising bleach damage

1. Find a hairdresser you can talk to and be open with

Hairdressers know everything about hair and their years of experience make them street smart in the salon. They know what will and will not work with your hair and the best methods for achieving the look you want.  But like any artist you need to find one you identify with and can work with.

To harness the skills of your hairdresser, you need to be able to talk to them openly about what you like and what you don’t like. So many of us have the fear of awkwardness at the hairdressers. We fear objecting to what the hairdresser is doing and end up agreeing with your hairdresser when you don’t understand what they are saying. To be happy with your hair you need to be able to be comfortable talking to your hairdresser, asking questions when you don’t understand and speaking up when you are not sure of their suggestions. So simple but so hard.

Best way to test this out is to book a free consultation online and visit the hairdresser before you book the appointment. This way you can shop around without any commitment. Once you have a hairdresser you identify with and are comfortable with, your sorted for life.

There are platforms to help with this. In the UK, sign up for treatwell, the platform allows you to book with a hairdresser (or for any other beauty treatment) online without having to call anyone. A huge win for those of us who hate using the phone.


2. Minimise the amount of bleach you expose your hair to!

Repeated bleaching results in repeated damage and this damage accumulates until one day you notice that your hair is snapping off. The best way to stop repeated damage, is to stop repeated bleaching.

At your next appointment, ask your hairdresser to only bleach the part of the hair that is not already bleached (i.e. if you are having highlights, instead of bleaching the whole length of the hair, bleach the root only). Hairdressers work by the theory that rebleaching the whole section of hair will give a clean colour across the whole hair. However if you are maintaining your hair colour, you can get away with bleaching the part of the hair that has not had bleach yet and following this with a toner for the whole head. Significantly minimising the damage to your hair.

3. Maintain your colour

Do what you can to maintain your colour so you need less work when you go back to the hairdresser. The less colour work your hairdresser needs to do, the less damage your hair will experience. Buy silver shampoo and silver conditioner ASAPThese products are cheap and will keep your bleached hair from developing brassy tones. Using silver shampoo and silver conditioner once a week is enough. Unlike normal shampoo, you will want to put the silver shampoo over the length of the hair to keep the tone fresh.

4. Use Olaplex in the salon and at home

Olaplex is the miracle product that everybody is talking about. Hairdressers can use this system during the bleaching process to minimise the damage the bleach causes to the hair strand. Check that your hairdresser carries this system, or look for a hair dresser who does. Again you can check this out during a consultation. The Olaplex system now has several follow on hair treatment to use at home after the bleaching process and has received internet wide acclaim. Our experience is are that No.3 and No. 6 make the biggest difference.

No. 0
Bond Building Treatment
Hair Perfecter
No. 4
Bond Maintenance
No. 5
Bond Maintenance Conditioner
Bond Smoother
Primes hair for maximum repair. Repairs damaged and compromised hair. Restores appearance and structure.Repairs and maintains bonds within the hair. Eliminates frizz and flyaways.Repairs hair, adds strength, hydration, and shine. Strengthens, hydrates, moisturizes and speeds up

At home bleaching

Bleach London is a cult hair salon on London that’s famous for its beautiful bleached and coloured styles. It’s not as famous in the US but you guys should check it out ASAP. Any trip to London is worthy of an appointment even if it is just at the blow dry bar in Topshop. Plus Bleach London now have an at home hair bleaching and colouring line that we love. We know salons are expensive but if you can afford a trip to the salon we strongly recommend that you go to one for any bleaching. But if you must bleach at home, bleach with Bleach London.

Bleach London at home kits are all inclusive – so there is no buying your own bleach and developer solution. Many blogs will recommend that you buy your Wella products for home bleaching and copy the salon process. But we have met so many people that have failed at this! Don’t pretend to be a hairdresser. These box kits are a long way from the box dyes of the 1990s, check out instagram for real life results. Plus they have so many fun colours you can play with after your hair is bleached. We LOVE awkward peach.