Bleached Hair Don’t Care

Welcome to your blond tribe – Bleached Hair Don’t Care.

I created this site after a visit to a hairdresser left me with severe damage to my long blond hair. It happened after a full head of highlights, I noticed my hair was snapping off about 3 inches from the root. I panicked BIG TIME and did what everyone does, I googled it. But the only information online were short blogs telling me to buy protein treatments and coconut oils (which did not work btw) and these sites did not explain why I should be doing the things they recommended. Add to that an insane amount of products on the market claiming they would work miracles on my hair, I was lost and overwhelmed and scared all my hair would snap off and I would end up with a pixie cut.

Luckily, I’m a scientist by trade and I started to read the scientific literature on hair structure and educated myself this way. Understanding the chemistry behind hair products, really helped me to make good choices and saved my hair from the chop. 2 years later, I have long blond hair thats healthy and happy.

Knowing how many people out there bleach their hair, I figured I could not be the only one who had suffered this problem. So I created this online resource for people like me, who need to repair their hair after bleach damage and help get the right products for the job.

All of the products featured in this guide are from the clean beauty industry – because Duh!